• Formative assessment tool
  • Randomly selects students
  • Easy to email scores
  • Perfect app for every teacher
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  • Perfect tool for grading
  • Finds percentages quickly
  • Only $.99! FREE!
  • E-mail scale sheet to yourself
  • Works on iPhone or iPad


  • Attendance Taken with a Touch
  • Email All Absent Students
  • Alarm Reminders
  • Create Random Groups
  • Only $1.99 Only $.99!!


The common phrase you hear about everything, making life simpler, with the touch of a button. If this is the case, then why are so many teachers left asking themselves in class… is there an app for this?

Our goal is to create functional apps that make the daily life of a teacher simpler. Creating apps for teachers, by teachers seems like a winning combination because we understand the obstacles that
teachers face. We can’t guarantee your students
will all be straight A model citizens, but we can
guarantee that you will be satisfied with our
apps and when you are standing in front of your
class you’ll be able to say:

Yes, there is an app for that…